Water Treatment plant are an important industry in every single region all over the globe. In Malaysia, we are not lagging behind in becoming one of the largest water pump service providers where we do pump repair, pump service, pump refurbish, pump coating and pump overhaul of any types of pumps as per listed below:

Sea Water Lift Pump (SWLP)

Split Casing Pump

Submersible Pump

Turbine Pump

End Suction Pump

Multi-stage Pump

Check Valve

Butterfly Valve

Gate Valve (also known as a Sluice Valve)

Pump Coating

Pump coating is a layer of covering that is applied to the surface of an object or substrate. Its main function is to provide a layer protection against corrosion and abrasion of rushing fluid or heavy rainfall.

With the advancement of new coating products and skilled workers who have been in this field for more than 10 years, we are able to ensure the pumps that have been coated to perform at their ultimate level when the pumps put into services at sites.

Hydrostatic Testing

This testing applied to test the pump flow efficiency after service.